Advanced Services of NC provides the most technologically advanced solutions for cleaning the grime off of every facet of your residence or place of business. Our setup includes a 600 gallon water tank to ensure that every job is completed with the proper care and handling needed for each individual situation. Our employees are trained on how to safely and effectively clean and treat your home. The procedures we use result in a higher quality and more importantly, longer lasting clean.  We offer a truly professional service every step of the way. When inclement weather strikes and you need your driveway or parking lot clear, there is no better option in North Carolina than Advanced Services. With over 10 years of experience clearing snow, Advanced Services has the knowledge and history to keep your property safe. We provide the right equipment, skill, and crew to make sure you and those you care about can get to your front door safely and easily. Give us a call: 919-300-5213, Email us: info@advancedservicesnc.com, Find us: 8801 Fast Park Dr. Ste 301, Raleigh, NC, 27617

A Bit About Us

With over 10 years of experience as a cleaning company, Advanced Services of North Carolina is a unique technologically advanced company that provides effective as well as efficient solutions to clean every inch of your residential or commercial property.

We have a solution to every problem of yours pertaining to cleaning. Whether you want your parking lot or driveway cleared after a snow storm or simply want to avail either window cleaning, house (soft) washing, gutter cleaning, residential or commercial cleaning, automotive cleaning, pressure or concrete cleaning services, Advanced Services of NC will be there to serve you no matter what.

Our professional, experienced, and adept staff will cater to all your needs and ensure that we deliver work of the highest quality while adhering strictly to the deadlines, paying attention to even the minutest details, and prioritizing your safety – all at the same time.

Not only do we have the right up-to-date technological equipment but most importantly we have the skill set to provide reliable services time and again. Plus, the one of a kind procedures we use result in a longer lasting clean property and depending on each particular project we tailor our methods to make sure that we deliver the best job possible. This is the primary reason behind our success in the last decade.

Our fleet of trucks and expert staff is always at your beck and call. Our setup includes a 600-gallon water tank in addition to cleaning instruments and agents that we have personally developed to provide our clients with the cleaning service that they deserve.


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Give us a call: 919-300-5213

Email us: info@advancedservicesnc.com

Find us: 8801 Fast Park Dr.

Ste 301

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