Planning a Corporate Event? These Family-Friendly Activities Will Knock It Out of the Park

Throwing a company picnic is a fun way for families of your employees to get together and meet each other. It’s also a great way for employers to express appreciation to employees for their hard work and dedication. Doing so also may provide certain tax advantages to your small business in the form of larger deductibles. However, no one wants to sacrifice their spare time to go to a boring event, so ensuring that you have a memorable gathering is essential to driving attendance. Here are some family-friendly activities that will set your employee picnic apart from all the rest!

Create a Drive-In Theater

You can do this after work in the company parking lot as long as you have enough adequate space. You can rent an inflatable screen and projector and set up a lounge area full of bean bags or additional inflatable furniture. Guests can elect to drive up and watch from the cab of their vehicles or back in and watch from the tailgate. Popcorn, drinks, and other snacks that you provide will offer enjoyment and comfort for those in attendance. 

Set Up Inflatables

Adults and children alike love inflatables! They’re a great way to get people up on their feet. Inflatables are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and functions, ensuring that you can have something fun for everyone, no matter their age or abilities. Inflatables can come with a certain safety risk, and not addressing this can get you in trouble, or at least put a serious damper on the event. Make sure to have people present who are specifically assigned to ensure safety and prevent injury.

Add an Ice Cream Truck

Many companies offer ice cream truck rentals fully stocked with amenities and a variety of flavors and toppings. The rental usually includes someone to scoop and serve ice cream. You can add your own twist on it by offering a sundae bar or ice cream float station using items in your company colors to create an interactive and company-branded activity.

Corporate employee appreciation events open to families are a great way to express your gratitude not just towards your employees but also their families who support their career success and development. A company picnic is a fun way for you to meet your company’s extended family members and also make them feel appreciated for their sacrifices and dedication. Family-friendly activities ensure no one gets bored and everyone enjoys the experience.

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