What You Need to Know to Make Your Outdoor Corporate Event As Safe As Possible

Hosting an outdoor event for your company is a great way to ensure employee loyalty. However, not everything is fun and games with such an event. It’s important to be alert to potential safety issues and take action to prevent them. Your company must be aware of the potential pitfalls in order to avoid them. 

Keep it Cool

Most company outdoor events take place in hot weather and sun, which present potential dangers such as heatstroke and dehydration. To prepare, ensure guests have ample water access and provide plenty of shade. Misting stations are a great way to keep guests cool as well. Guests can also be given a goody bag with your company logo containing sunscreen, water and other fun gear to beat the heat like fans and hats. You may also consider having trained medical personnel on call depending on your activities.   

Watch for Tripping Hazards

While it may not seem like much, slip and falls can be very serious. A broken ankle or serious concussion is the last thing anyone needs during an event and may even open up liability issues. The most common problem is caused by power cords and cables. These should be covered with large non-slip mats and taped down when possible. If using tents or other portable structures, make sure stakes are capped off and ropes clearly visible. Ensure there are enough trash cans to prevent litter and that staff is assigned to watch and empty as needed, picking up any hazards like stray bottles. They should also keep a close eye on spilled drinks or liquids, cleaning and marking rapidly.   

Beware of Food Problems

Everyone loves good food at a fun event, but nobody wants food poisoning. If hosting an outdoor event, your company will want to consider how the food will be prepped and stored in the summer weather. One solution that is increasingly popular is to simply hire a food truck or few. Just make sure they are properly permitted and licensed, draw up a contract based on the expected amount of guests and let them handle all the work. As a bonus, you can even have a dessert truck make an appearance. 

Your company’s next event should be fun and entertaining. Proper planning and risk mitigation can ensure that it is a success. By taking the time to plan ahead and account for safety, your employees and guests will have a great time and feel confident that they work for the right company.

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